One Year Update on the Homeless Man with the Golden Voice

Posted on February 9, 2012


Last year, Ted Williams received a whirlwind of attention, going from a homeless man who’s needs people ignored to a media sensation. As with many media sensations, the attention Williams received was overwhelming. I’ve heard it said that fame, money and attention simply magnify our personalities. Our strengths and weaknesses have larger ramifications because we impact more people with our actions. More people can enjoy our strengths and more people can be hurt by our transgressions (see politics as an example).

Williams went from being homeless to getting a slew of job offers, many of which were rescinded when he suffered a relapse in fighting his addictions. Happily, one year later, it appears that Williams is on the road to recovery and doing very well. His story is a great example of perseverance, the power of prayer and the power we have as a community. We can make a huge difference for others when we reach out and are committed for the long haul.

We’ll continue to pray for Mr. Williams and realize that all things are possible through Christ!

Posted in: February 2012