Failing to Act – A Guest Post by Steve Muscato

Posted on November 16, 2011


Today, I turned my back on Jesus. 

There was a car accident right next to me.  A car turning right didn’t make the turn, skid on the wet road and into the car that was next to me at a stoplight.  Pieces of plastic littered on the road and some even skid under my car.  As the light turned green, I kept going. 

I can’t think of anything else this morning except Jesus saying that what you do for the least of these, you do for me.  And I didn’t do anything.  

My brothers and sisters were in need yet, I turned my back.  I didn’t show the people behind me, next to me, or in front of me that I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  I didn’t step up to the test.  I didn’t witness Jesus.  

Instead, I let someone else do what was expected of me.  

I know that this was an easy, slam dunk opportunity to show my love for Him.  Why didn’t I?

I am ALWAYS the first to get out of my car to help someone who is in need.  I know CPR and first aid.  I am usually “that guy” who is first on the scene and stays until someone with more training, knowledge or resources can take over.  

Why not today?  

I knew from the second I left the scene that I made a mistake.  I knew that I should not have left the side of my brothers and sisters.  But I did. 

All the way to work, I prayed.  With tears in my eyes, and a pain in my heart, I prayed for the safety of those involved in the accident that they were not hurt.  I prayed that each person had insurance so their family did not have to face unnecessary hardship.  I prayed that God had a back-up plan – someone else to take my place at the accident.  I prayed for my heart.  I prayed for mercy and forgiveness.  

I know that I let Jesus down today.  I have betrayed him.  I am a sinner.  

Jesus has been faithful to me and when He asked for one little thing today, I ran.  I gave up the opportunity I was given to demonstrate that Jesus is love.

At my bible study two days earlier, we agreed that Jesus pursues his sheep.  John 10:16 says, “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also.” 

So, was this Jesus pursuing me?  

If being pursued means being ridden with guilt to where I was sick to my stomach for most of the morning, then yes.  If pursuit means that I have pleaded for forgiveness, then yes.  If pursuit means that I was not able to think of anything else but my failure to act this morning, then yes.  

How can I call myself a Christian today?  How can I say that I am ready to die in my old life and come out the other side new in Jesus? 

Not today.  

Today, I turned my back on Jesus and acted ungrateful for all the blessings that he has given to me.  I have doused myself in whatever it was that caused me to turn away. 

So I prayed.  I prayed hard.  And here is what I came up with.

While I believe that I regularly think of other people in my life first, God needed to show me that there are times when I do not.  When given the chance to step up, there are times where we choose not to.  It is not because we don’t love Jesus or other people.  It is just because we are broken by nature. 

Peter comes to mind a lot. 

Following Christ is not the autobahn where we travel only one way at breakneck speed with no exits.  It is a country road.  Sometimes it is paved and smooth with safe guardrails to protect us and sometimes it is barely wide enough to get by and where the distance between falling off the edge is mere inches.  

It is on these country roads where we get scared of the danger of when the tires catch the loose gravel and we are vulnerable to bad things.  

I know that I will always have other opportunities to act.  He will always Dare Me To Move.  I know that life is about His story, not mine, and he is counting on my help.  He knows my heart and that is important – sometimes more important than the actions we take or don’t take. 

Our actions can be forgiven – by others and by God.  Our heart, though, is a window to our soul and a reflection of God’s love in our lives. 

Steve Muscato is the National Brand Manager for Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC where he directs the company’s social media networks, leads the company’s corporate cause initiatives and manages the brand strategy for 2,200 retail stores across the country.  He is also an active Christian who relies on God’s word to light his path through corporate America.  
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