Police detain homeless man with golden voice – Chicago Breaking Sports

Posted on January 12, 2011


Sad to say, but situations like this have become predictable. Someone goes from rags to “riches”. The media builds someone up to unrealistic expectations and then finds ways to tear them down.

They probably see it as “good” for their business, as they “profit” twice from the same situation. People tune in and read to hear the feel-good story and then to hear how our hero has let us down.

While it’s not clear what happened with Ted Williams yet, I hope this doesn’t signal the beginning of a decline where this guy ends up back on the street where we found him. After all, this is a man we are talking about. A living, breathing person. Not some circus act who can entertain us with different voices.

Mr. Williams was living on the streets for a long time. Like many people, he was there because he was unable to cope with the demands of life. Like many people, he coped with the pressure by abusing drugs and alcohol. Like many people, he did not receive the assistance that enabled him to live in the shelter of a home, hold a steady job and associate with friends and family.

It’s very possible that he was offered the assistance and rejected it, like Scott Huber, Naperville’s publicly known homeless man. However, the result had been the same until he was thrust into the public eye. The man likely has some mental issues that need to be dealt with. I wonder if anyone offered assistance in that area or if the Cleveland Cavaliers and Kraft made this type of assistance a condition of employment. Without it, I don’t know anyone who could handle the spotlight and pressure that comes with it in those circumstances.

How many celebrities actually live productive family lives? Sure, they make a ton of money but they’re also idolized, then discarded quickly. Hollywood marriages are a joke, with a failure rate even more pathetic than the rest of us.

The point of my rambling is this. The real story will be written moving forward, after the Cavaliers and Kraft have received their warm and fuzzy publicity from “helping” Mr. Williams. It will be defined by Mr. Williams’ ability to focus on God, and discern who he should trust and how he should spend his time. And it will be defined by others who surround and support him.

I wonder if they are truly up to the task and pray that they are.

Police detain homeless man with golden voice – Chicago Breaking Sports.

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