Testimony & Tunes Would Like to profile Christian Businesses

Posted on January 11, 2011


If you are interested, please complete the following profile and e-mail it to Brian Williamson at bwilly7@mac.com with a picture of yourself (picture is not required).

The vision for Testimony & Tunes is to create a community where Christ followers and those who are seeking Christ can learn from each other and strengthen their faith. This will primarily take place by the sharing of testimony = how God has worked in our lives, and tunes = songs that exemplify how we feel (GREAT for artists who would like to share their music).

Your Name:

Business Name:

Description and Location of Business:

How did you decide to follow Christ?:

How does being a Christ-follower impact how you run your business?

Example(s) of how God has worked in your life and in your business:

Challenges you have and are facing in your business:

Challenges you have and are facing in your walk with Christ:

How you’ve dealt with your challenges:

How do you connect with other Christian business people?:

Advice to other Christian business people:

Advice to those exploring this whole Christianity thing:

How can we pray for you?

Favorite Bible verse:

Favorite Song:

How can we learn more about your business? (Contact info)

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