Everyone Has a Story, What’s Your’s?

Posted on January 10, 2011


Sheffield Tunes

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We’ve all got scars and things that inspire us. My vision for Testimony & Tunes is to create a safe place for people to learn more about God by sharing and learning from others. That will most often come from testimony = how God is working in your life and tunes = music that expresses how God is working in your life and how you feel about HIM.

K-Love has been a great resource for me, as I can listen to songs that are “positive and encouraging”. I also love the fact that they have no commercials because they’re listener supported.

Their web-site has a link where people can tell their story or read other people’s stories. You should check it out. It’s amazing how so many of us deal with similar circumstances. I’m convinced this is one of the ways God encourages us to participate in a community that supports each other.

In Chicago, K-Love is on 94.3 FM. Their web page is http://www.KLOVE.com – check ’em out!

Where else are you finding inspiration? What songs are you listening to lately?

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